Hey, I'm Soorria!

I'm a full stack software engineer passionate about creating performant and fun software that enables users to do more with less

Right now, I'm a full-stack software engineer at Relevance AI, and front-end programming tutor at UNSW based out of Sydney, Australia


  • A SaaS notebook app for frontend JavaScript inspired by python's jupyter notebooks.
  • Use any client-side NPM package or CSS library with an ESM import
  • Lightning fast bundling & JSX transpilation out of the box with esbuild.
  • Like Conway's Game of Life but with Pokemon types instead of boring 1s and 0s.
  • Configurable settings for a or vizualisation, to or . (click underlined words!)
  • Embeddable, and mesmerising to look at →.
  • Runs off the main thread so you get a buttery smoothish UI even on the most taxing settings
sizes utils
  • Measure the size of your files when compressed with algorithms used across the web! (deflate, gzip, brotli)
  • Works when JavaScript is disabled, so you can rest assured Google and Facebook aren't tracking you
  • Use the API endpoint if you're disgusted by UIs or a terminal maximalist
Clinically Relevant
  • PWA to allow users to install the website & access it offline.
  • Automatically redeploys when MDX content is updated
  • Light & Dark mode
Not Messenger
  • Realtime chat application with socket.io, Express.js and MongoDB
  • Strangely similar to Facebook Messenger

Tools I Use

Here are some of the technicals skills during my degree, work, and just out of curiosity.

  • GitLab CI
  • Python
  • SolidJS
  • Serverless
  • Remix.run
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Azure Functions

Want to see a pointlessly long list of languages I've used?
Check out my hello-world snippet.


Want to work with me, or just want to chat? Shoot me an email or a message on Messenger