donald trump nftNonsensical Fad Trend (real)

satirical portrayal of a Donald Trump NFT involving a stick figure shooting laser beams out of their eyes and wearing a cape

What people are saying

Wow it's so epic thanks [...] best present ever
You had a stroke [of genius] on a page??

unnamed waifu

a drawing of a waifu with a speech bubble saying "I love you"

What people are saying

omg i love that [...] too

magic sprinkles

david Lau nftNonexistent Fantasy Treasure (real)

"realistic" depiction of David Lau looking like The Boy's Homelander and shooting laser beams from his eyes.

Speed Sudoku Champion Riki

pencil-on-paper drawing of Riki Miyamura sitting and wearing a Champion jumper after winning a speed sudoku competition
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