What I Use


Editor & Teminal

My main editor is Visual Studio Code with these main extensions:

When I'm stuck in a terminal, or just hacking on some scripts I use neovim with this init.vim,

I use WSL through Windows Terminal and use Bash as my shell. For my shell prompt I use Starship with this config.

For my terminal and editor, the font I use is the JetBrains Mono nerd font. All my current-ish dotfiles are here, and the scripts I use are here.

Preferred Tech Stack


I use Brave with these extensions:

  • Dark Reader - makes "light" sites by heathens more palatable for my eyes
  • uBlock Origin - sometimes Brave's adblocker isn't enough
  • VisBug - nice for measuring things when stealing getting inspiration from other websites
  • OctoLinker - converts imports into links in GitHub
  • Refined Github - makes GitHub a little nicer



  • MacBook Pro 14
  • Mid-range Samsung Phone
  • Kindle Paperwhite
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