Things I've made. Some are more useful and cooler than others.

  • A SaaS notebook app for frontend JavaScript inspired by python's jupyter notebooks.
  • Use any client-side NPM package or CSS library with an ESM import
  • Lightning fast bundling & JSX transpilation out of the box with esbuild.
  • Like Conway's Game of Life but with Pokemon types instead of boring 1s and 0s.
  • Configurable settings for a or vizualisation, to or . (click underlined words!)
  • Embeddable, and mesmerising to look at →.
  • Runs off the main thread so you get a buttery smoothish UI even on the most taxing settings
sizes utils
  • Measure the size of your files when compressed with algorithms used across the web! (deflate, gzip, brotli)
  • Works when JavaScript is disabled, so you can rest assured Google and Facebook aren't tracking you
  • Use the API endpoint if you're disgusted by UIs or a terminal maximalist
Clinically Relevant
  • PWA to allow users to install the website & access it offline.
  • Automatically redeploys when MDX content is updated
  • Light & Dark mode
Not Messenger
  • Realtime chat application with, Express.js and MongoDB
  • Strangely similar to Facebook Messenger
Collect user feedback with a 2.6kb, cute, themable widget.
Next.jsReactTypeScriptTailwind CSSVercelPostgresPrisma
Wordle Score
Get an opinionated cumulative score for Wordle. See friends' scores too!
SolidJSSupabaseTypeScriptServerless FunctionsVite
Fight for Tribeland
A surprisingly not terrible turn-based game I made for my SDD Major Project in 2018.

Other Projects

See what your CSS colors look like.
HTMLCSSJavaScriptParcel BundlerVercel
A clone of that's writting in Go and runs in your terminal.
Static form endpoints you can deploy with a single click!
React Game of Life
Conway's Game of Life built with React.
Url Shortener in Go
A simple url shortener written in Go using Fiber.