Hey, I'm Soorria!

I'm a full stack software engineer passionate about creating performant and fun software that enables users to do more with less

Right now, I'm building the future of AI chains at Relevance AI, and I'm a front-end programming tutor at UNSW based out of Sydney, Australia


  • A SaaS notebook app for frontend JavaScript inspired by python's jupyter notebooks.
  • Use any client-side NPM package or CSS library with an ESM import
  • Lightning fast bundling & JSX transpilation out of the box with esbuild.
  • Like Conway's Game of Life but with Pokemon types instead of boring 1s and 0s.
  • Configurable settings for a or vizualisation, to or . (click underlined words!)
  • Embeddable, and mesmerising to look at →.
  • Runs off the main thread so you get a buttery smoothish UI even on the most taxing settings
sizes utils
  • Measure the size of your files when compressed with algorithms used across the web! (deflate, gzip, brotli)
  • Works when JavaScript is disabled, so you can rest assured Google and Facebook aren't tracking you
  • Use the API endpoint if you're disgusted by UIs or a terminal maximalist
Clinically Relevant
  • PWA to allow users to install the website & access it offline.
  • Automatically redeploys when MDX content is updated
  • Light & Dark mode
Not Messenger
  • Realtime chat application with socket.io, Express.js and MongoDB
  • Strangely similar to Facebook Messenger

What I've Learned

Here are some of the technicals skills during my degree, work, and just out of curiosity.

  • Express.js
  • Azure Functions
  • TypeScript & JavaScript
  • Linux (Debian & Ubuntu)
  • React
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • GitLab CI
  • Serverless

Want to see a pointlessly long list of languages I've used?
Check out my hello-world snippet.

Reach Out

Want to work with me, or just want to chat? Shoot me an email or a message on Messenger