Slack emoji engineering: partyify anyone!

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  1. Find a picture of your victim volunteer to be emoji-fied. Ideally, the subject of the picture is horizontally centered and bottom-aligned in the image.

  2. Remove the background of the image (you could do this without removing the background, but imo the result is worse):

    • If you're on Mac, Preview is great at this. Just open the image in Preview, and press cmd + shift + k, or click Tools > Remove Background in the Menu Bar. It's not perfect, but it's free and easily accessible

    • If you're not on a Mac, you can use an online tool like Canva's Online Background Remover (1 free image) or manually using an image editor like Photopea (free with ads) or Affinity Photo (one-time free per major version).

  3. Opeh up my slightly-nicer-to-use fork of Nate Watson's "Party-ify" (original version here), and upload your image. If you're using my fork you can drag the image onto the page :).

  4. Change the settings until you see what you like in the preview. Generally I recommend using the "centered" wavey style for people, and the "bounce" style for logos, and leaving the other options as Nate's awesome defaults.

  5. When you're happy with the results, scroll down to and click the "Generate GIF" button to ... generate a gif of your new emoji.

  6. Add the emoji to wherever you want to use it:

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