Enzyme Stuff

Input Change Event

Simulate the change event on an <input />

const wrapper = shallow(<ComponentThatRendersAnInput />)
const inputWrapper = wrapper.find('input[type="email"]')
// Change `target` to `currentTarget` if you're updating state based on that instead
inputWrapper.simulate('change', {
  target: { value: 'soorria.ss@gmail.com' },

Form Submit Event

Simulate the submit event on a <form />.

const noop = () => {}
const wrapper = shallow(<ComponentThatRendersAForm />)
const formWrapper = wrapper.find('form')
formWrapper.simulate('submit', { preventDefault: noop })


  • Unfortunately this does not work properly if you're using FormData 😔
  • You can't test submitting a form by clicking a button / input with type="submit" due to events not working the same in jsdom
Created 20/02/22Updated 30/11/22
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