Mocking classes from mocked modules in Vitest tests

How to mock and expect on class methods on classes from vi.mocked modules.

import { describe, it, vi } from 'vitest'
import { ClassToMock } from './path/to/class/to/mock'
// This line mocks the module so the actual class method doesn't get called
describe('ThingThatUsesClassToMock', () => {
  it('should do the thing that I expect it to do :)', t => {
    const methodSpy = vi.spyOn(
      // Spy on the class' prototype since that's where the actual function is.
      // If you're mocking a static method, you can use the class directly instead
      // of its prototype.
      // The name of the method to expect on
    // do the thing!!
    // expect based on the spy just like you'd expect on a mock


This method will only work if the method is defined using the Method Definition syntax, and not as a property.

For example, this is valid:

class ValidClassToMock {
  methodThatWorks() {}

but theses aren't:

class InvalidClassToMock {
  arrowFunctionThatDoesNotWork = () => {}
  functionKeywordThatDoesNotWork = function () {}

This is because only the first method defines the class on the prototype of the class (and so the functions are shared between instances). The last two methods are created per-instance and are not defined on the class' prototype.

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