Tailwind CSS Hocus Plugin

A few days after adding this snippet, I published this plugin as an npm package which you can now find under the name tailwindcss-hocus, and on GitHub here.

A plugin that's great for lazy people like me who make their :hover and :focus states basically they same. As anyone who's used Tailwind CSS for a while might expect, it adds the hocus: variant which will add the specificd class on hover and focus. It also adds hocus-within, group-hocus, and group-hocus-within which are similar but based of slightly different existing variants.

const plugin = require('tailwindcss/plugin')
const hocusPlugin = plugin(({ addVariant }) => {
  addVariant('hocus', ['&:hover', '&:focus'])
  addVariant('hocus-within', ['&:hover', '&:focus-within'])
  addVariant('group-hocus', [
    ':merge(.group):hover &',
    ':merge(.group):focus &',
  addVariant('group-hocus-within', [
    ':merge(.group):hover &',
    ':merge(.group):focus-within &',
 * @type {import('tailwindcss').Config}
module.exports = {
  // ...the rest of your config
  plugins: [hocusPlugin],

Usage & CSS Output Example

To use this plugin, you use it like any other variant - prefix an existing Tailwind class with hocus: or one of the other variants:

<button className="hocus:text-red-700">Click Me!</button>

Here's what the Tailwind compiler outputs for the HTML above:

.hocus\:text-red-700:focus {
  --tw-text-opacity: 1;
  color: rgb(185 28 28 / var(--tw-text-opacity));


  • This website (in the past) - Inspect element on the link!

    Note: The latest version of the linked tailwind.config.js uses the npm package.

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